ERA-D ground attack vehicle inspired by Ma.K Based on 1:32 Pegasus Hobbies n°9016 kit


Falke Antigravity Armored Raider Pkf.85 Hasegawa kit 64001 - 1:20 Maschienen Krieger serie


My first plane kit is a combo of two kits, the 1:35 FW Triebflügel from Miniart [40005] and 1:32 Junkers Ju EF-126 from Das Werk [DW32001] Alpine miniatures figurines [35095, 35171, 35186, 35262] Jeep Willys from Tamiya [35219] with Mantis miniatures accessories [MAC12]


Sci-fi project 1:24 Hover car made with metal casted toy and spare parts Zlpla figurine Acrylic paint The insertion in the image and the special effects were made by my friend Bruno Fontaine, thanks to him!

D2R Afghanistan 2088

In the context of the Soviet–Afghan War and the last events (August 2021) it's time to reveal a Cyberpunk vignette with an unique "ghost concept" Duty2Remember brings a strong message as "Broken Toys"

Ramcke project

After a quite long Soviet trip I'm back with some Afrika Korps stuff and the well known Fallschirmjäger Ramcke brigade. The aim was to stage about 11 figurines, all made with Alpine miniatures parts, and about 4 vehicles. Now the pitch will be set during the 2nd El Alamein battle when the Ramcke brigade was... Continue Reading →

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