Happy New Year!

WIP – What If Tiger II/E-75

Having purchased the 35021 resin turret from PPP I decided to mount it on the King Tiger from ICM / Après avoir fait l'acquisition de la tourelle en résine 35021 de PPP, j'ai décidé de la monter sur le King Tiger d'ICM. Base camouflage / le camouflage de base Almost Done / Pratiquement terminé The... Continue Reading →

BSMC 2018

I am fairly satisfied with my results at the BSMC [www.BSMC.be]  Gold medal and best of show for the Cyborg Samurai in SF/Advanced category Silver medal for the Schwimmwagen in Ardennes in Vignette/Master category Bronze Medal for the Panther II in Vignette/Master category Surprisingly no Gold medal was attributed in this category... Most important those... Continue Reading →

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