IJA Type 97 Medium Tank “Chi-Ha”

I will soon be receiving this limited edition figurine from Alpine miniatures  I'll put it on stage with the IJA Type 97 from Dragon (kit 6870)

BSMC 2019

Ready for BSMC 2019! Back from the BSMC Belgium I first want to say hello to all the nice persons I met 🙂 I also had the opportunity to attend the demos of Calvin and Sergiusz, many thanks to them! About the contest, I won medals for three masters level categories, each time in top position: - Gold with the... Continue Reading →

It Happened Here

A few month ago Andy Evans gave me the opportunity to present my Panther II Nachjäger in the SMMI March issue. Even more I was on the front page of the magazine! The kit: German Panther II Manufacturer: Amusing Hobby Scale: 1:35 Kit type: Plastic injection moulded with photo etch parts Kit number: 35A018 Upgrades... Continue Reading →

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