Broken toys

A project dedicated to the Miniart kit 37018 and a special message to whom might understand 😉 ... with Friul tracks ... and metal barrel It's time to get started! WIP on Syrian soldier (Evolution miniatures) T55 Engine Almost finished Test of scenery... WIP on scene... Almost ready for next Year World Champ! 😉 The... Continue Reading →


BS-001 Aaliyah from ZLPLA 1:16 Resin figurine For the "NO!" vignette who will be staged at SMC in October 🙂

David und Goliath

Staging of the Panther F “What If” with Alpine miniatures and D-Day figurines Panther F Loader, Panther F gunner, Panther F driver, Panther F radio, Panther F Commander and Volkssturm Panzerjäger  

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