“Broken Toys” in Military Illustrated Modeller

Broken Toys will be in the issue 108 of Military Illustrated Modeller and, amongst many, the article. FB post by Marcus Nicholls

Not A Joke[r]

  Trumpeter kit #01544  with metal gun and resin wheels Driver - Figurine from Bravo 6 B6-35308 set with Hornet head Radio - Again a Bravo 6 figurine with Hornet head Crew member - Bravo 6 figurine with Hornet head The BTR-60 Infantry officer Another crew member... BTR-60 last crew member also based on Bravo... Continue Reading →

Broken toys

A project dedicated to the Miniart kit 37018 and a special message to whom might understand 😉 ... with Friul tracks ... and metal barrel It's time to get started! WIP on Syrian soldier (Evolution miniatures) T55 Engine Almost finished Test of scenery... WIP on scene... Almost ready for next Year World Champ! 😉 The... Continue Reading →

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