3D scene reconstructed by a cyber-historian in the context of the war in Afghanistan based on a wreck of T-62 Material: Trumpeter N° 01551 T-62 mod 1975 Stalingrad S-3603 Afghan Rebel Commander Alternity miniatures [AM16] Hypercon male #1 The Cyber inquisitor... Cyber Tech...

Energizing Break

A Sci-Fi project with Bridget, the 1:35 GM-002 fig from Zlpla and SNAKE-EYE an exo-armor from Kaiyodo, transformed with PE elements Exo-Armor ... now with Bridget Scene with leds

BSMC 2019

Ready for BSMC 2019! Back from the BSMC Belgium I first want to say hello to all the nice persons I met 🙂 I also had the opportunity to attend the demos of Calvin and Sergiusz, many thanks to them! About the contest, I won medals for three masters level categories, each time in top position: - Gold with the... Continue Reading →

BSMC 2018

I am fairly satisfied with my results at the BSMC [www.BSMC.be]  Gold medal and best of show for the Cyborg Samurai in SF/Advanced category Silver medal for the Schwimmwagen in Ardennes in Vignette/Master category Bronze Medal for the Panther II in Vignette/Master category Surprisingly no Gold medal was attributed in this category... Most important those... Continue Reading →

Cyborg Samurai

My next challenge will be the the Cyborg Samurai from Lukáš Žaba, ZabaArt Studio! The aim is to use only Acrylics paints. I go resolutely out of WWII 1:35 context! So, wish me luck 😉 Mon prochain défi sera le Cyborg Samurai de Lukáš Žaba, ZabaArt Studio! L'objectif est d'utiliser uniquement des peintures acryliques. Je... Continue Reading →

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