Joachim Peiper in Kharkov

Alpine Miniatures 35199

IJA Type 97 Medium Tank “Chi-Ha”

I will soon be receiving this limited edition figurine from Alpine miniatures  I'll put it on stage with the IJA Type 97 from Dragon (kit 6870)

What If Panther

As I used the body of the Panther G from Dragon (Kit #6370) for the "Last Strongpoint" diorama... ... and the turret of the E50 for the Captured E50 ... ... I'll build a "what If" Panther with the body of the 1st and the turret of the 2nd! Here is the work on the turret with... Continue Reading →

Captured E50

WIP - E50 from Trumpeter with some upgrades (Aber, Paper Panzer Production) / WIP - E50 de Trumpeter avec quelques améliorations (Aber, Paper Panzer Production, Solid Scale) A little advertising for Solid Scale / Un peu de publicité pour Solid Scale Post from Alexander Wegner on Facebook / Billet d'Alexander Wegner sur Facebook   Next step, one... Continue Reading →

Jeep Willys – SD.KFZ.251 – WIP

The next project will be devoted to 3 Jeep Willys from Tamiya, Bronco and Dragon with several upgrades / Le prochain projet sera consacré à 3 Jeep Willys de Tamiya, de Bronco et de Dragon avec plusieurs sets d'amélioration The 3 jeeps will be staged with an abandoned SD.KFZ.251 / Les 3 jeeps seront mises... Continue Reading →

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